Teaching Shakespeare Overview

I recently went back to my old grade school. It was surreal going back to a place I had graduated from 15 years prior. It was even more surreal walking through the halls with a baby in my arms. All of the teachers were getting their classrooms ready. Assigning lockers and desks. Putting up motivational... Continue Reading →

Romeo, Juliet, and the Suicide Discussion

Romeo & Juliet is often a teen's first introduction to Shakespeare. This is a logical decision given that the two protagonists are quintessential teens. It gives the students someone to relate to. However, in recent years we have become more aware of how portraying suicide within the media effects young people suffering from depression. The... Continue Reading →

Well Rounded Education

So, I was working on updating my resume today (yeah...that's right, job searching!) and I decided I should include some relevant coursework on my resume. Of course, I don't actually remember every class I've ever taken (education *fist pump*), so I had to go searching on my student page. It took a minute because my... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts on Research

As I sit in my graduate classes learning about different research surveys, I try to think about my proposed thesis and what sort of research methodology I may employ for my thesis. I think I should definitely consider doing some in-depth surveys, but the question is how should I do it... I thought of some... Continue Reading →

Educating Child Consumers

There is no mistake that today we are in a consumer society. In order to participate in the world, we have to spend, we have to purchase. What does this mean for our children? Can we make them understand that the purpose of the advertisements they see is to get them to buy? When can... Continue Reading →

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