Language and Intelligence in Love’s Labors Lost

Love's Labors Lost basks in the use and misuse of language by those deemed intellectuals and, to a lesser extent, those deemed unintelligent. At the heart of the play is an examination of the relationship between language and intelligence. By examining how the characters say what they say, along with the meaning, we can see... Continue Reading →

Love’s Labors Lost Part 2

The exciting conclusion of Love's Labors Lost! Will everyone find love? Or will it be lost? Who knows?! Act IV, Scene 3 Biron is still struggling with the fact that he is in love. He is in utter turmoil over it, but still he thinks of Rosaline. He loves her so much that he is... Continue Reading →

Love’s Labors Lost Part 1

So much rhetoric, so little plot Act I, Scene 1 The King of Navarre, in an effort to make his kingdom a center of the intellectual world, has decreed that he and his court swear to study and only study for three full years. As his comrades prepare to swear this oath, Biron argues that... Continue Reading →

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