From Confusion to Rage

Why Are the History Plays So Hard?! There is little doubt that the Henriad is much better than the Henry VI plays. There’s little doubt that pretty much all of the history plays are better than the Henry Vi plays. Despite being well-written and largely entertaining, they can still be quite difficult to work through. … Continue reading From Confusion to Rage

Decontructing the Tudor Myth

By usurping Richard III in 1485, Henry Tudor (now Henry VII) brought about the end of the Wars of the Roses, decades of turmoil for the English people. The Tudor Dynasty meant a long period of peace and prosperity for least that is what they wanted us to believe. Unfortunately for the Tudors, Henry’s … Continue reading Decontructing the Tudor Myth

Henry VI Part 3 Act V

Thus brings us to the end of Henry... Scene 1 Warwick confirms with a messenger that his allies, Oxford, Montague, and Somerset are close. His son, Somerville, enters and explains that Clarence is only two hours away. Warwick rejoices that he can hear the drums. The only problem is the drums do not come from … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act V

Henry VI Part 3 Act IV

The fallout... Scene 1 Richard, George (Clarence), Somerset, and Montague discuss Edward's choice for a bride. Clarence thinks it is a mistake that Edward did not honor his commitment to the French. He decides to tell Edward exactly what he thinks. The King enters with Lady Grey, Lord Hastings, Pembroke, and Stafford. Edward asks for … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act IV

Henry VI Part 3 Act III

The battle is one and Edward sits on the throne, and yet it is only Act III... What events will unfold that further complicate this endless War? Scene 1 Two hunters prepare to stalk a herd of deer when they see a man coming. This man is the deposed King Henry. He talks to himself … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act III

Henry VI Part 3 Act II

I'm sure brutally killing Richard of York will have no represcussions for King Henry or the Queen... Scene 1 Edward and Richard are wondering how their father fared in the battle, assuring themselves that he is alive because of how proudly and bravely York walked toward Clifford (they pretty clearly did not see the rest … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act II

Henry VI Part 3: Act 1

Moving is hard and time has it been five months since my last post! Anyway, let's see what shenanigans Henry VI gets himself into this time. Then, I can put these plays behind me - for a while at least. Scene 1 The scene opens with York, his allies - Norfolk, Montague, and Warwick, … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3: Act 1

Henry VI, Part 2: Act V

After I rage quit this post last week and then vented about my frustrations with the Henry VI plays, I'm ready to give it a go, if only to get this over with. Bear with me as there is a lot to unpack as the final act kicks off the Wars of the Roses. Scene … Continue reading Henry VI, Part 2: Act V

Henry VI, Part 2: Act IV

Scene 1: After a battle at sea, the captain divides the prisoners and their potential ransom amongst a Master, his mate, and Walter Whitmore. After a brief debate over ransom or death, Walter chooses to execute his prisoner, the Duke of Suffolk. He tells Suffolk his name and Suffolk becomes immediately afraid. The name Walter would … Continue reading Henry VI, Part 2: Act IV

Henry VI, Part 2: Act III

Scene 1: At Parliament, the King questions how Gloucester could be the last one to arrive. The Queen delivers a long speech about howGloucester used to be the perfect example of a devoted noble, but now he's grumpy and jealous of everything the King and Queen have. You may be grumpy too if your wife … Continue reading Henry VI, Part 2: Act III