Henry VI, Part 2: Act V

After I rage quit this post last week and then vented about my frustrations with the Henry VI plays, I'm ready to give it a go, if only to get this over with. Bear with me as there is a lot to unpack as the final act kicks off the Wars of the Roses. Scene... Continue Reading →

Henry VI, Part 2: Act IV

Scene 1:¬†After a battle at sea, the captain divides the prisoners and their potential ransom amongst a Master, his mate, and Walter Whitmore. After a brief debate over ransom or death, Walter chooses to execute his prisoner, the Duke of Suffolk. He tells Suffolk his name and Suffolk becomes immediately afraid. The name Walter would... Continue Reading →

Henry VI, Part 2: Act III

Scene 1: At Parliament, the King questions how Gloucester could be the last one to arrive. The Queen delivers a long speech about howGloucester used to be the perfect example of a devoted noble, but now he's grumpy and jealous of everything the King and Queen have. You may be grumpy too if your wife... Continue Reading →

Henry VI, Part 2: Act I

I'm not going to lie...this play was a tough read. I haven't had this much trouble following what was going on in a Shakespeare play in awhile. However, I didn't call this project a challenge for nothing, so I plow ahead. I am going to play with the format again. I need to find something... Continue Reading →

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