Teaching Shakespeare Overview

I recently went back to my old grade school. It was surreal going back to a place I had graduated from 15 years prior. It was even more surreal walking through the halls with a baby in my arms. All of the teachers were getting their classrooms ready. Assigning lockers and desks. Putting up motivational... Continue Reading →

Julius Caesar: The Original Mean Girl

As I worked my way through Julius Caesar, I couldn’t help but have a feeling of familiarity. Somehow the way all of these Roman diplomats were talking behind each others’ backs was eliciting some deja vu. Then it hit me, they were acting like a bunch of high school girls. And I want to be... Continue Reading →

Exploring Teaching Objectives: Shakespeare Isn’t Scary!

I personally feel that the most important teaching objective of my program will be the idea that Shakespeare is something that does not have to be scary. It is undeniable that Shakespeare was a genius, but does he have to be put on this pedestal? Yes and no. Yes, Shakespeare should be respected as one... Continue Reading →

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