Students Don’t Know Shakespeare?

I came across a news article today that said a recent study found that one-third of British students didn’t know who Shakespeare was. I was immediately incredulous because frankly most journalists are terrible at covering scientific studies, so I decided to give it a closer read. Basically, the study gave 1,000 students aged 11 to... Continue Reading →

Taming of the Shrew Part 2

Act II, Scene 1 Bianca, with her hands bound, asks Katherine to let her go and she will do whatever Katherine asks. Katherine asks her which suitor she loves more. Bianca insists she hasn't felt a special connection to anyone yet. Katherine asks if she like Hortensio better. Bianca tells Katherine she can have Hortensio.... Continue Reading →

Taming of the Shrew Part 1

Induction, Scene 1 Christopher Sly drunkenly argues with the hostess of an ale house as she throws him out of her bar. She wants him to pay for the glasses he broke, but he refuses. He quickly passes out just outside the door. A Lord comes by with his hunting party. He comments on the... Continue Reading →

Two Gentlemen of Verona Acts III, IV, and V

Proteus is the WORST! Act III, Scene 1 Proteus address the Duke and tells him all about Valentine's plan to steal away his daughter in the night. The Duke reprimands himself for not putting a stop to this love affair earlier. He resigns to banishing Valentine. Proteus, still feigning loyalty to a friends, asks that... Continue Reading →

Comedy of Errors Act I

Cue "yakety sax". Scene 1 Aegeon is in prison. Why? Because he is from Syracuse, but found himself in Ephesus; and, because the respective dukes of those towns don't like each other, to be from one town, but in another means either $1,000 or death. Poor Aegeon is in fact poor, so he doesn't even... Continue Reading →

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