Comedy of Errors Act V

The one and only scene... Angelo apologizes to the other merchant for delaying his travels but swears that he gave Antipholus the chain and can't comprehend why he denies it now. The merchant is surprised to learn that Antipholus is so well regarded in the city. He is even more surprised when Antipholus S walks... Continue Reading →

Comedy of Errors Act IV

Scene 1 Another merchant asks Angelo for the money he owes him. He is delaying his sea voyage specifically to see this debt paid. Angelo assures him that as soon as he is paid for the gold chain he just delivered, he will pay his debts. Just then he sees Antipholus E, who is pretty... Continue Reading →

Comedy of Errors Act III

And the husband of year award goes to... Scene 1 Antipholus E has finally decided it's time to go home for dinner. He asks a merchant friend to cover for him since he's so late and his wife will be mad. The friend agrees and then they all joke about how crazy Dromio E thought... Continue Reading →

Comedy of Errors Act II

No comedy is complete without the presence of an angry wife. Scene 1 Adriana, Antipholus E's wife, is rightfully upset that he refuses to come home for dinner. Her sister, Luciana, thinks she needs to be more understanding because these men have their business outside the house. They're free and can't be harnessed, women must... Continue Reading →

Comedy of Errors Act I

Cue "yakety sax". Scene 1 Aegeon is in prison. Why? Because he is from Syracuse, but found himself in Ephesus; and, because the respective dukes of those towns don't like each other, to be from one town, but in another means either $1,000 or death. Poor Aegeon is in fact poor, so he doesn't even... Continue Reading →

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