Shakespeare Books for Kids Part 2!

The baby is napping...for we’re back for part 2. In part 1, we looked at adaptations of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to see what the current offerings are and how they present the play for kids. This selection covers Shakespeare the man and the word he lived in. It’s easy to underestimate the importance... Continue Reading →

Children’s Shakespeare Adaptations

I had to write all of this while my one month old was occupied, so proofreading is sorely lacking...apologies 🙂 Since I just had a baby and most people in my life know that I’m a giant Shakespeare nerd, I find myself with a decent collection of Shakespeare books for children. Shockingly, I do not... Continue Reading →

Exploring Teaching Objectives: Shakespeare Isn’t Scary!

I personally feel that the most important teaching objective of my program will be the idea that Shakespeare is something that does not have to be scary. It is undeniable that Shakespeare was a genius, but does he have to be put on this pedestal? Yes and no. Yes, Shakespeare should be respected as one... Continue Reading →

An Interesting Approach to Literature

  I think a fun project like this would be an excellent way to explore Shakespeare as well. I am considering exploring activities like this in a video blog to accompany by written one.   What are some other video activities I could explore?

Sesame Street Hamlet

  This is an intriguing way to introduce the language used in Shakespeare and teach some other valuable lessons.

Violence and Sexuality in Shakespeare

I came to startling revelation as I completed my 11 page outline for what will be the research paper proposing this program. I did not address violence and sexuality! How could I ignore that fact when there is death and sex teeming in nearly every Shakespeare play? Then I thought longer about Shakespeare and some of... Continue Reading →

Reimagining Shakespeare for Children and Young Adults

 During my research this was the first book I read. It was a collection of articles from professionals who have adapted Shakespeare for children and who study the ways in which children may be exposed to the Bard. It proved to be an invaluable resource for me and I highly recommend it to anyone interested... Continue Reading →

Understanding Shakespeare

I was very intrigued when my high school English teacher challenged me with developing a media project to help children learn and really appreciate Shakespeare. I thought about this a lot, not just because I love Shakespeare, but also because I look for ways to better educate children.   In my reading, I often find... Continue Reading →

Child at Heart

I have always been and always will be a true child at heart. I have a couple different projects I am embarking on to continue exploring the wonderful world of children. It is so vast and I look forward to finding out everything I can.   Keep a look out for special projects, ideas, and... Continue Reading →

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