Romeo, Juliet, and the Suicide Discussion

Romeo & Juliet is often a teen's first introduction to Shakespeare. This is a logical decision given that the two protagonists are quintessential teens. It gives the students someone to relate to. However, in recent years we have become more aware of how portraying suicide within the media effects young people suffering from depression. The … Continue reading Romeo, Juliet, and the Suicide Discussion

Scholar Out in the World: Romeo & Juliet Presented by Globe Actor

It's not often that we get the opportunity to see an actor from Shakespeare's Globe in London here in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we had that opportunity today. Cincinnati Shakespeare Company invited Scott Brooksbank from the Globe to present interactive retellings of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the … Continue reading Scholar Out in the World: Romeo & Juliet Presented by Globe Actor

Well Rounded Education

So, I was working on updating my resume today (yeah...that's right, job searching!) and I decided I should include some relevant coursework on my resume. Of course, I don't actually remember every class I've ever taken (education *fist pump*), so I had to go searching on my student page. It took a minute because my … Continue reading Well Rounded Education

No More Excuses!

Alright, so I am officially a Master and as such can not use school work as an excuse for not posting. I am still trying to decide if it is better to post something (anything) regularly, or only post when I have something worthwhile to say... maybe I'll post on that life struggle another day... … Continue reading No More Excuses!

An Uneducated Inspiration

The fact that Shakespeare didn't even complete his grammar school education is a favorite fact to cite by those who doubt he wrote his plays. However, I think that the fact that he had so little education proves to be an inspiration. I have been reading the book "William Shakespeare without the Boring Bits" and … Continue reading An Uneducated Inspiration

Activity Idea: Clapping Out the Rhythm

I know this activity has been done in many a classroom and children's theater group, but I think it deserves some more recognition. There is plenty of research to support how beneficial hands-on activities can be for children's learning. Kids are so tactile and exploratory by nature that these types of activities can help the … Continue reading Activity Idea: Clapping Out the Rhythm

Mr. McFeely

I had the wonderful pleasure this weekend of meeting David Newell, better known as Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Honestly, he may be the most sincere and kind person I have ever met. Immediately upon meeting me, he asked all about me and how I got to where I am and where I am … Continue reading Mr. McFeely

Consumerism and Christmas

It seems that the popular thing to do today is criticize Christmas for its consumerism driven nature. I think the people who make Christmas about consumerism and the people who criticize Christmas for being strictly about presents and shopping and things are missing the point behind Christmas. Do we call Birthdays a consumer holiday? I … Continue reading Consumerism and Christmas

The Truth Resists Simplicity

I realize I have been absent from my blog for about four months now. All I can say for that is Grad School has been great, but keeps me very very busy. Have no fear though, I have been learning a lot about both children's media and Shakespeare. Anyway, I wanted to return to blogging … Continue reading The Truth Resists Simplicity