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Good morrow my fellow scholars! My name is Sara and I love Shakespeare. I think you can love Shakespeare too, no matter your age. But, you can find more about my philosophy on my Shakespeare Project page. This page is about me.

I started loving Shakespeare in High School. My teacher did a wonderful job by showing us performance before we read the text. He even took a group of us to the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Canada. I was bit by the Shakespeare bug.

My love for Shakespeare continued to grow as I pursued my video production degree at Ohio University. It was there that I discovered my second passion, children’s media. These two passions came together in a single idea: using media to teach Shakespeare to kids. I continued to develop this idea throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies. I was also blessed to be at a school with an amazing theater program that produced a Shakespeare play every year. In 2013, I finally left OU with two degrees: a Bachelors of the Arts in Video Production and a Graduate Degree in Public Media.

During my pursuit of my degrees, I had two internships and one graduate assistantship. My first internship was in New York with Sesame Workshop. Spending a summer in New York City taught me a lot and introduced me to some amazing ladies that helped me fully accept the creative nerd I am. As a graduate assistant with the outreach department at WOUB, I learned the importance of hands on learning and connection with educators. I also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, such as David Newell or Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers Neighborhood, and some of Ohio University’s most prominent Shakespeare scholars. My second internship was with PBS Kids in Washington D.C. I learned a lot about teaching children through active learning and met a group of people as passionate as I was about children’s media. This also afforded me the opportunity to visit the Foldger Shakespeare Library.

Now, I am recently married and settled down in my non-profit career. I am ready to dedicate the time to studying Shakespeare and really trying to understand how we can best teach it to children.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Putting the story in to prose sounds like another great way to get students into Shakespeare. I can’t wait to read through it!

    Also, that’s so awesome you were at OU! Were you in Scripps?

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