2020 Shakespeare

When I heard about Ian Doescher’s 2020 Shakespeare Project, I knew I would have to partake in the challenge. For any that don’t know, Doescher is the author of the pop Shakespeare series and has challenged himself to read through the Complete Works of Shakespeare in the year 2020. He has opened this project up to anyone by creating an email list and a Facebook group. So far, the discussions have been lively and people involved, simply amazing, and we’re only one play in! It has been such a pleasure to engage with my fellow Shakespearean. I am even fortunate enough to have a local group that gets together occasionally to discuss the plays. It is truly a brilliant project.

It is also a fortuitous project because it aligned perfectly with my past goals and – more importantly – my goals for 2020. The original idea behind this blog was the exact same challenge. That had to change when I realized I wanted to spend more time with each play and really get into the text. And so, my play reading schedule changed significantly. Significantly enough that I am still working through the plays (stay tuned for Othello this month).

The past is past though and it is time to look to the future. I have also issued myself a challenge this year. I want to challenge myself to promote my work. My confidence in my ability and expertise has grown significantly since I started this little project, but still self-doubt lingers. I have only shared this blog with a few of my closest friends and the lovely people that happen to stumble upon it. That has to change and being introduced to a group of dedicated Shakespeareans seems like a pretty good way to start.

In addition, I want to branch out into some Tudor history groups. For some reason, it seems that Shakespeare is curiously absent from most Tudor history discussions. I’m not sure why. He existed in the Tudor period after all. However, I think many Tudor history lovers would also enjoy his works, especially since they have a keen understanding of the historical context. I think by branching more frequently into Tudor history directly, I can create a tiny bit of crossover between the communities.

2020 is going to be a big year for the Shakespeare community and for me. I’ve set some ambitious goals for myself, but I am feeling confident in my ability to pull them off. Besides my regular posting, I’m going to read at least two books a month. One Shakespeare themed book of my choosing and one Tudor history book as chosen by the Tudor Book Club. I’m going to make a concerted effort to engage more in the already established communities and not be afraid to promote my own work, when appropriate. This year I want to grow my knowledge base and my following. I want to make connections and set up collaborations.

Here’s to 2020…

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