Diagnosing Portia | Breaking Bard Episode 9


Hello lovely listeners. I wanted to pop in with a couple notes before we get started with this episode. First, this is not the MacBeth episode I promised last week. I wanted to do better research for that episode and I had this one recorded, so I moved up this episode.

Now, a little disclaimer about this episode. Dr. Lisa Grogan and I are talking about Portia from Julius Caesar. There is a significant discussion about self-harm and suicide, so if those are subjects that bother you, you may want to skip this episode.

And with that, on with the show…


“I have made strong proof of my constancy, giving myself a voluntary wound here, in the thigh; can I bear that with patience and not my husband’s secrets?” Portia in Julius Caesar Act 2, Scene 1

Brutus’ wife, Portia, has a tiny part in Julius Caesar, but there is a lot to unpack there. We are introduced to Portia when she stabs herself in the leg to prove her loyalty to Brutus. Then, she has a clear panic attack when he goes to stab Caesar. Finally, we get the news that she committed suicide after being overwhelmed with anxiety about Brutus’ fate. 

See what I mean? There’s a lot there, so I decided this would be an excellent topic for me to discuss with my dear friend Dr. Grogan and see what treatment options would be available to Portia today. This gets a little heavy, but please join us as we dive into the psyche of Portia.


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