Titus Andronicus’ Fatal Flaw | Breaking Bard Episode 7


“A nobler man, a braver warrior, lives not this day within the city wall” – Titus Andronicus Act I, Scene 1

Not too many people are familiar with Titus Andronicus, one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays. It is also easily Shakespeare’s goriest play. Most of the main characters die, some after horrible mutilation. A couple even get baked into a pie and fed to their mom. It’s quite a doozy. The copious amount of violence can make it easy to dismiss this particular play. However, that is doing a disservice to Shakespeare and the possible audience. 

You see, Titus is a perfect example of how man’s own faults can lead to his ultimate downfall. The question though is what is that flaw? Is it loyalty? A commitment to the status quo? Or a need to follow the correct protocol? Perhaps it’s a little bit of everything.

Join Eli and I as we discuss Titus and his flaws.


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