Twelfth Night Part 3

It’s been awhile! For an update on what’s been going on with me, read to the end of this blog, but first let’s finish some Twelfth Night!

If you need a refresher on the rest of the play, click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Act IV, Scene 1

Sebastian is getting pretty irritated by this crazy clown who keeps following him around. You see, this clown insists that Sebastian is someone named Cesario and needs to come see his Lady. Sebastian obviously wants no part of this nonsense and tries to pay the clown to go away. The clown, who has frankly been insulted by Sebastians insinuations, refuses to accept that he is not Cesario or leave.

Sir Toby, Sir Anthony, and Fabian come along to challenge Cesario to finish their duel. Sir Andrew strikes Sebastian and Sebastian strikes back. Sebastian, not being Cesario, concludes that everyone must be mad. Sir Toby stops Sebastian from leaving and Sir Andrew explains that he can have Cesario charged for battery (even though he admittedly hits him first.) The men continue to argue.

During the scuffle, the Clown departed to fetch Olivia. She storms in, pretty angry at Sir Toby and Sir Andrew for attacking her one true love. She sends the rude men away. Olivia begs Sebastian to come back to her house so that she can regale him with tales of Sir Toby’s failed antics. Sebastian is still confused, but Olivia is pretty, so he rolls with it.

Act IV, Scene 2

Maria is disguising the Clown as a parson to continue messing with Malvolio, who is locked up in a dark room. Maria fetches Sir Toby to show him her latest scheme. He is quite pleased with the results.

The Clown calls for peace in the prison. Malvolio begs him to go and fetch his lady. The Clown chastises him for only thinking of women. Malvolio insists that he has been wrongly imprisoned and begs for help. He wants relief from his dark prison. The Clown calls him mad because that prison has a large window and is full of light (it’s not).

Malvolio begs him for help and promises to pass any test against madness that “the Parson” can devise. The Clown asks what he thinks about Pythagoras’ opinion on wild fowl. Malvolio confirms that he means that the soul of a grandmother may inhabit a bird. The Clown wants to know what Malvolio thinks of this opinion. Malvolio thinks it’s silly. The Clown asserts that he will leave Malvolio in his cell lest he kill a rooster that contains the soul of his grandmother.

Maria realizes that The Clown didn’t actually have to dress up as the Parson because Malvolio never really saw him. Sir Toby tells the Clown to mess with Malvolio again, but this time as himself. Sir Toby then pulls Maria away to discuss how this whole thing with Malvolio will end. He’s in enough trouble with Olivia as it is and can’t really risk her getting angry over this.

The Clown starts singing a song outside of Malvolio’s prison. Malvolio calls for him multiple times before he finally answers. Malvolio begs the Clown to fetch him a candle, some paper and a pen. He needs to write a letter to Olivia to be freed from this prison. The Clown isn’t sure he should help him. When Malvolio makes attempts to insist he is sane, the Clown provides frustratingly comic responses about the sameness of those Malvolio compared himself to.

The Clown messes with Malvolio a little longer by pretending to be talking to the Parson before he finally says he will get Malvolio what he needs.

Act IV, Scene 3

Sebastian walks through Olivia’s garden, wondering aloud about the peculiar situation he finds himself in. Olivia is pretty awesome, but she also might be crazy…or he is crazy. Someone is definitely crazy. He also can’t find Antonio, which is a bummer.

Olivia walks in with a priest and asks if Sebastian will marry her. He agrees and they run off to be married.

Act V, Scene 1

The Duke and Viola come to see Olivia. They run in to the Clown, who amuses the Duke with his argument that he is worse for having friends, but better for having enemies. The Duke gives him some money and then some more money, so that he might go and fetch Olivia.

While they are waiting, some officers bring in Antonio. Viola explains that he is the man who saved her. The Duke recognizes him as someone he fought in war and the officers call him a pirate.

Antonio denies being called a pirate, but admits he faught against the Duke. He also explains that he pulled Viola (Cesario, but in Antonio’s case Sebastian…yay twins!) out of the water and from that point forward was completely dedicated to him. However, when Antonio needed back his own money, he was denied.

Before Viola can respond, Olivia comes in. The Duke quickly dismisses Antonio’s accusations as nonsense before turning his attention to Olivia. Olivia is very cold and rude to the Duke and wonders why Viola is being so cold to her. The Duke goes on a long speech about he will win over Olivia in the end despite her cruelty. Viola goes to follow the Duke, which makes Olivia mad because her husband is walking away from her. Wait…what? Husband! But how?! This is madness. The Duke is obviously not to happy about this development.

The priest comes in and confirms Olivia’s story. Now the Duke is really enraged and Viola is really confused.

Sir Andrew storms in claiming he has a horrible head wound from Cesariom, but it wasn’t Viola. Sir Toby tries to assert that he also has a wound, but he’s just drunk, so Olivia dismisses the bumbling fools.

Sebastian comes in begging Olivia’s forgiveness for hurting he kinsmen. Everyone is quite surprised to see a second Cesario. Sebastian is glad to see Antonio, who, like everyone else, is confused. Sebastian finally sees Cesario and is also confused because he doesn’t have a brother. He has a sister. Viola had a brother, but she thought he drowned. They take some time recounting facts about their childhood before accepting that they have been reunited.

Viola explains that she was saved by the Captain and he has her dress and can confirm her story. Sebastian explains to Olivia that she married him, but thought she was marrying Cesario, who was actually Viola. The Duke is really excited that Viola is a woman because they like each other…a lot. Viola explains that the Captain is now in service to Olivia at Malvolio’s suit.

Olivia wants to see Malvolio to confirm. The Clown and Fabian bring in Malvolio’s letter. The Clown does everything he can to make Malvolio sound crazy. Olivia makes Fabian read the letter and it becomes clear that Malvolio isn’t crazy. She sends for him.

Olivia and the Duke make nice and the Duke makes sure to fire Viola from his service before proposing to her. He is nothing if not a romantic.

Malvolio comes in ready for a fight. He hands Olivia the letter and explains the whole situation. Olivia immediately recognizes Maria’s hand and realizes what has happened. Fabian confirms that it was all a joke that Maria and Sir Toby (who are now married) devised together. Olivia promises that Malvolio will receive justice. The Clown reveals that he played the Parson. Malvolio storms off swearing revenge.

Olivia feels bad for him, but the Duke reminds her that they need him to fetch the Captain. The happy couples all go off together and the play ends with a song.

The End.

Sara’s Personal Life Updates!

If you follow my blog, you will know that I have been gone for a while. I had a lot of big life changes. It started with sinus surgery and ended with me going part time at my day job to have more time with my family. Having more time with my family also means having more time to dedicate to this project. There are a lot of exciting things to come and I can’t wait to get to work. Get ready for Hamlet in August!

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