Romeo & Juliet Part 2

Act III, Scene 1

Benvolio asks Mercutio if they can go home so they can avoid a fight with the Capulets. Mercutio scoffs at this request because Benvolio seems nervous about a fight and yet is always so willing to fight. The point is quickly made moot because the Capulets are on their way over.

Tybalt confronts Mercutio about his friendship with Romeo. Mercutio does not take well to Tybalt’s aggressiveness, so Benvolio tries to get them to go inside. Mercutio refuses.

Romeo strolls by and Tybalt immediately calls him a villain. Romeo expresses that he must love Tybalt and says goodbye. Tybalt won’t let it go, but Romeo still refuses to fight, even though he can’t explain why. Mercutio thinks that’s just silly and challenges Tybalt to a fight. Romeo attempts to step between them and stop the fight, but Tybalt manages to stab Mercutio anyway.

Mercutio is pretty upset about being stabbed and all. He curses both their houses and goes off to die. Romeo laments how love has made him into a sissy and now his friend is dead. Benvolio delivers the news that Mercutio is for sure dead and they mourn together for a bit.

Tybalt comes back, because apparently he left, and Romeo challenges him to fight. Romeo wins and Benvolio tells him to run off. He flees.

That’s when the Montagues and Capulets enter with the Prince. The Prince is super mad that his friend and cousin, Mercutio is dead. Lady Capulet is quite upset that her nephew Tybalt is dead. Benvolio explains exactly what happened. The Capulets, of course, don’t believe him and demand Romeo’s death for Tybalt’s. The Prince denies their request on the grounds that Tybalt killed Mercutio and instead banishes Romeo.

Act III, Scene 2

Juliet pines after her love Romeo. She begs the night to come faster so that she can be with him.

The Nurse comes in with the cords, but is visibly upset. Juliet asks her what’s wrong and she exclaims that “he’s dead.” Juliet assumes she means Romeo and immediately loses it. She starts bawling, begging the Nurse for more information. The Nurse, on the other hand, remains intentionally vague until Juliet starts to threaten to poison herself and cries out for Romeo.

Once the Nurse explains that Tybalt has been killed by Romeo’s hand, Juliet is comforted, but still upset. Her cousin has been killed by her husband, who has been exiled. She has a lot to be upset about. She logics her way out of being mad at Romeo because it was going to be either Tybalt or Romeo, so she’s glad it’s Romeo. She’s sad the cords will be of no use. The Nurse promises to go get Romeo.

Act III, Scene 3

Friar Laurence breaks the news to Romeo that he’s been banished. Romeo exclaims that he would rather have death. Friar Laurence explains that he’s being dumb. He should be glad to be alive. Romeo laments that all these lesser creatures like dogs and cats and mice will get to look on Juliet, but he won’t. He keeps wishing for death and Friar Laurence keeps telling him he’s being silly.

There’s a knock at the door and the Friar tells Romeo to hide himself. He’s a crying mess on the floor. The Friar keeps trying to get him up in vain until the Nurse announces herself.

She tells Romeo that Juliet cries for Tybalt and Romeo both. Romeo tries to stab himself. The Friar stops him and asks if he plans to kill everyone Juliet loves. He details how Romeo can go into exile until this all calms down. They’ll reveal his marriage, he can beg for forgiveness, and return home. The Nurse tells him to still come to Juliet’s room.

These suggestions turn his spirits right around and he prepares to go see his new wife.

Act III, Scene 4

This whole Tybalt dying thing is just terrible timing for Paris. He really wants to start wooing Juliet, but now she’s all upset with grieving. Her parents promise they will figure out how she feels about Paris and tell her it doesn’t really matter because they’ll be getting married the next Thursday.

Act III, Scene 5

Too bad for Paris that she just consummated her marriage to Romeo. Juliet and Romeo wish it wasn’t daytime so they didn’t have to leave each other. The Nurse gives them a heads up that her mom is coming, so they finally say goodbye.

Lady Capulet enters and asks if her daughter is still crying over Tybalt. Juliet pretends she was. Lady Capulet curses Romeo and explains that she’ll send a hit man to Mantua. Juliet pretends to agree. That’s when Lady Capulet tells her that she’s going to get married. Juliet says no and that Lady Capulet should tell her father know.

That’s when her father walks in. Lady Capulet explains that Juliet thanks them for the offer but no. Capulet doesn’t understand why is daughter won’t get married. Since she can’t really explain why she can’t get married, she just makes him more mad. In the end, both her parents leave saying they won’t talk to her.

Juliet asks her Nurse for advice. The Nurse thinks she should go ahead and marry Paris. He’s the better choice anyway. Juliet thanks her for the good advice and says she’s going to go see Friar Laurence.

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