Comedy of Errors Act V

The one and only scene…

Angelo apologizes to the other merchant for delaying his travels but swears that he gave Antipholus the chain and can’t comprehend why he denies it now. The merchant is surprised to learn that Antipholus is so well regarded in the city. He is even more surprised when Antipholus S walks by wearing the chain around his neck. When they confront Antipholus, he denies ever denying the chain. Antipholus is offended that they would accuse him and he prepares to defend his honor.

Adriana runs up before they actually start fighting and begs the merchant not to hurt her husband because he has completely lost his mind. She commands they be bound again. Antipholus and Dromio S are having none of this and flee into the priory.

Enter savage nun. The Abbess asks what happened to cause Antipholus to lose his mind. Adriana explains that he has cheated on her. Here the Abbess tears Adriana apart for being a terrible wife and a crazy jealous lady. Since Adriana is such a terrible, terrible person, she can’t be trusted to help her husband, so the Abbess will do it.

Adriana stands outside, shocked at this turn of events. Luciana implores her to go to the Duke and plead for justice. She agrees and conveniently the Duke walks by at exactly that moment as he leads Aegeon to his death (remember him?!). She explains all of the craziness to the Duke, who agrees to speak to the Abbess.

That’s when a panicked servant enters and explains that Antipholus and Dromio E broke free from their bonds, beat the doctor, bound him, lit his beard on fire, put it out with nasty-smelling water, and cut him. Now they’re on their way to punish Adriana. She explains that this servant is a moron because Antipholus is inside the priory.

Cue a fuming Antipholus E. Everyone is shocked that he’s not in the priory. Antipholus E now pleads the Duke for justice and explains his side of the entire play. Angelo and the Courtesan confirm most of his side, but add in their exchanges with Antipholus S. The Duke is pretty sure they have all gone crazy and sends one of his men into the Abbey.

Aegeon seizes this opportunity to beg his son to save him. Antipholus E, of course, has no idea who this crazy old man is. Aegeon explains that he is Antipholus’ father. He assumes Antipholus doesn’t recognize him because it’s been so long and apparently the years have not been kind to him. Antipholus E explains that he has never seen his father and many can attest to his life in Ephesus. The Duke confirms that Antipholus E grew up in Ephesus.

Now it’s time for the big reveal. The Abbess enters with Antipholus and Dromio S. Everyone is shocked that their are to Antipholi and two Dromios. Antipholus S is surprised to see his father and asks why he is bound. This is when the Abbess drops a bombshell. She is Amelia, Aegeon’s wife and Mother to both Antipholi. The Duke FINALLY realizes that these are the two sets of twins Aegeon was talking about that morning.

All of the mixups are explained and made right. Antipholus S proposes to Luciana. The Abbess invites them all in for dinner to talk about their crazy story. The two Dromios bond and walk off stage hand in hand.

And they all lived happily ever after, constantly confused by both sets of twins being identical and having the same names.

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