Comedy of Errors Act II

No comedy is complete without the presence of an angry wife.

Scene 1

Adriana, Antipholus E’s wife, is rightfully upset that he refuses to come home for dinner. Her sister, Luciana, thinks she needs to be more understanding because these men have their business outside the house. They’re free and can’t be harnessed, women must understand that. Adriana points out that this attitude is probably why Luciana isn’t married.

Just then Dromio E shows up. He tries to explain that he was beaten by Antipholus for asking him to come to dinner. Adriana is really only concerned whether or not Antipholus is coming home. When Dromio explains that Antipholus has lost his mind and claimed not to know his wife and his house, and was only concerned with come imaginary money, Adriana tells him to get his butt back out there and drag Antipholus home. Dromio, being completely unreasonable, doesn’t want to get beaten again. Adriana threatens to beat him, so he runs out the door.

Adriana is now fully convinced that Antipholus is cheating on her and decides she might as well cry herself to death. Luciana finds this to be a bit of an overreaction.

Scene 2

Antipholus S confirmed his money was safe and sound at the inn. When Dromio S approaches, Antipholus S questions him about his temporary lapse in sanity. Dromio asks if he’s joking and is promptly beaten. Dromio finds this to be somewhat unfair and pushes the issue further. Antipholus insists that this joke isn’t funny and that this nonsense needs to stop.

Dromio, I suppose in an effort to stop the beating, derails the conversation into a crazy play on words. They talk about meat and basting and time making men bald. Then Adriana and Luciana show up…

Adriana questions how Antipholus, a man who was once completely consumed by thoughts of her, could now deny her very existence. Antipholus S explains that he does not know her and has only been in Ephesus a few hours. This makes Adriana even more mad and recounts how Dromio was sent to fetch him and came back saying that Antipholus denied ever knowing her. This, of course, did happen, but with Dromio E, not Dromio S. Antipholus questions Dromio, who denies ever speaking to this crazy lady. Antipholus questions how she knows their names.

Adriana has had quite enough of these shenanigans and drags Antipholus back home. Antipholus and Dromio suspect that some sort of witchcraft is at play. Dromio S is ordered to guard the door while Antipholus eats with his “wife”.

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