Henry VI Part 3 Act V

Thus brings us to the end of Henry…

Scene 1

Warwick confirms with a messenger that his allies, Oxford, Montague, and Somerset are close. His son, Somerville, enters and explains that Clarence is only two hours away. Warwick rejoices that he can hear the drums. The only problem is the drums do not come from Clarence…

Edward and Richard bust in with their armies. Warwick is surprised but refuses to open the gates. Edward demands he acknowledges that Edward is the King. Warwick refuses, saying he gave Edward the crown. Richard retorts that if the crown was a gift that it still belongs to Edward. Warwick says he took the gift back. I guess Edward didn’t say no take-backsies.

Now, all of Warwick’s allies arrive at once. Richard suggests they go in to the city since the gates are open. Edward points out that that idea is stupid because they are outnumbered. Clarence is the last to arrive. Warwick attempts to taunt the brothers with Clarence’s loyalty to Warwick. BUT WAIT! Clarence switches sides. He begs forgiveness, which Edward grants, and they all agree on a place to battle.

Scene 2

Edward chases after a wounded Warwick. Since Warwick is as good as dead, Edward runs off to take down Warwick’s brother, Montague. Warwick asks the empty stage who is winning because he’s dying and so can’t determine who is winning the battle. Although some would argue that since the two sides were York and Warwick, and Warwick is dying, perhaps that would be an indication that Warwick is losing.

Oxford and Somerset bring the news that Queen Margaret has come from France with more troops. They ask Warwick to get up. He says he can’t and asks for his brother. Unfortunately his brother is already dead. He wishes his friends well and dies. Oxford and Somerset go to meet the Queen.

Scene 3

Edward knows the Queen is coming with a pretty strong army. However, they’ll still win because they’re awesome and will rally the people of every town as they march toward her.

Scene 4

Queen Margaret uses a lengthy ship and sea metaphor to say that even though they lost Warwick and Montague, they will still be victorious in the end. What follows is a series of compliments from one noble to the next about how great they are at rallying the troops.

Edward enters and rallies his own troops to fight. Margaret reminds their side that they fight for an imprisoned Henry and the battle commences.

Scene 5

Edward and his brothers have taken Oxford, Somerset and Margaret prisoner. He sends Oxford to a castle for imprisonment. He sentences Somerset to death. They both take their punishments rather well and are led off. Margaret is just getting started with her verbal sparring when they bring the Prince in as a prisoner. He mouths off to all his captors. Margaret wishes that Henry had been so strong. However, Edward, Richard, and Clarence take turns stabbing the Prince to death for his backtalk.

Margaret begs for death, which Richard is more than happy to oblige, but Edward insists she be kept alive. Richard leaves to do some killing in the Tower. She exclaims that it’s obvious none of them have children, but if they do she hopes those children die young. She begs for death again. Edward denies her and they head off to join Richard in London.

Scene 6

Richard comes to King Henry and kindly asks the guard to give them a minute. When the guard leaves, Henry comments that the sheperd left his flock to the wolf. Henry asks if he came to kill him like he did his son. Henry compares himself and his son to Daedelus and Icarus. Then, he prophesizes that Richard will be the scorn of the world because apparently his birth was like a natural disaster. Richard doesn’t like that prophesy one bit, so he stabs Henry. Henry begs God for forgiveness and dies.

Richard goes into his last evil villain monologue of this play and basically says Henry was right about the circumstances of his birth. He was born feet first and with teeth. He also says that now he has to kill Clarence because he’s an obstacle to the throne.

Scene 7

Edward laments to lives that were lost to get him the crown once and for all. But, he’s not sad for long because now he has a baby. Richard is NOT happy about the new baby because now there’s another person he has to kill. But, he’s willing to go that extra mile because he works for what he wants.

Edward asks his brothers to kiss his wife and his baby. Clarence does this happily. Richard does too, but in an aside he compares himself to Judas. Margaret is sent to France because her father paid her ransom and all is happy and hopeful in England.

For now…because…Richard…

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