Henry VI Part 3 Act IV

The fallout…

Scene 1

Richard, George (Clarence), Somerset, and Montague discuss Edward’s choice for a bride. Clarence thinks it is a mistake that Edward did not honor his commitment to the French. He decides to tell Edward exactly what he thinks. The King enters with Lady Grey, Lord Hastings, Pembroke, and Stafford.

Edward asks for their opinions and pretty much all of them give solid arguments for why it was a mistake, except for Hastings. Richard points out that the marriage was hasty. The rest worry for what Louis and Warwick will do. Edward dismisses their concerns by saying he’s the King and he’s awesome and he does what he wants. Richard and George also point out that he appointed a bunch of his wife’s family to positions that should have been reserved for them. The Queen says that makes her sad, but Edward tells her not to worry about it. 

Then the messenger returns from France. Edward asks him what everyone had to say about his marriage. The messenger only tells the King after Edward pardons him. Louis said that he’s going to send an army to celebrate the marriage, Lady Bona hopes he dies, Queen Margaret is putting on armor, and Warwick swears to uncrown he who he crowned. The messenger also told them that the Prince and Warwick’s eldest daughter were to be married. Clarence had heard too much at that point and leaves to join Warwick and marry his other daughter. Somerset leaves with him.

Edward sends Pembroke and Stafford to spread the word that they should prepare for War. Edward makes Richard, Montague, and Hastings swear loyalty to him.

Scene 2

Clarence and Somerset approach Warwick and he welcomes them to his side. He explains his plan to ambush Edward in the night. Edward is only being guarded by a few soldiers who should be easy to take. However, he makes it clear that Edward is to be taken alive. They shout some battle cries and go forth to execute their plan

Scene 3

The night watchmen comment on how Edward refuses to sleep until Warwick is defeated and question his decision to sleep in a tent on the field while his men sleep in nearby towns. You would think it would be pretty easy to capture Edward in tent.

Which is exactly what Warwick does. Edward, in his pajamas, is forcibly removed from the tent while Richard and Hastings flee. He questions how Warwick and his brother, Clarence, could abandon him. They point out that he made a poor decision to marry Lady Grey and made Warwick look silly in front of the French King. For those reasons, Edward was not fit to rule and so would be kept by Warwick.

Once Edward is dragged off, they decide to march on London and free Henry.

Scene 4

Queen Elizabeth (Lady Grey) informs Lord Rivers that Edward has been taken prisoner and she must protect his unborn child. She decides to take sanctuary in the church to hide from Warwick.

Scene 5

Richard (Gloucester), Lord Hastings, and Sir William Stanley wait in a park near the Bishop of York’s house, where Edward is being held prisoner. Apparently Edward is allowed to go hunting while being prisoner, so Richard sent him a secret message that if he made it to where they are waiting, he could escape.

And that is exactly what happens. Edward walks in with a Huntsman and is like “Surprise! There’s my brother. I’m gonna go now. You wanna come?” The Huntsman goes because he can either flee with them, or be killed by Warwick. Edward hopes Warwick isn’t too hard on the Bishop and he goes to get himself the crown.

Scene 6

King Henry, fresh from prison, pardons his prison guards and then immediately turns over full control of the country to Warwick and Clarence. Then Henry meets Henry, Earl of Richmond, King Henry then prophesizes that Richmond will wear the crown one day and be the savior of England (cough, cough, Henry Tudor). Then, they get the message that Edward escaped while hunting. Warwick does a facepalm and goes to fix it. Somerset decides to take Richmond to France for protection.

Scene 7

Edward, Richard, and Hastings have gone to Burgundy, gotten troops, and come back in what is the fastest sea voyage ever. Now, they stand before the closed gates of York. The mayor of York hesitates to let them in, since now he’s supposed to be loyal to Henry, who’s King again. Edward convinces him that they’re totally loyal to Henry, too. Edward doesn’t even care about being King. He just wants to be a regular old Duke again. The plan being to convince people after getting in to York. The mayor buys this and opens the gates.

Sir John Montgomery marches toward the gates. He plans to help King Edward win back his crown. Edward thanks him but insists that he only wants to be a Duke (wink, wink). Montgomery did not march all this way to fight for a Duke, so he turns to leave. Edward stops him and invites him to pursuance Edward into being King. There are some minor points made by all present and by the end of the scene they are shouting Edward’s battle cry.

Scene 8

King Henry, Clarence, Warwick, Montague (who switched sides?), Exeter, and Oxford plan to go out across England and rally the nobles to Henry’s cause. They all leave after some very sweet farewells. Henry asks Exeter what he thinks because Henry is pretty sure they’re going to win. Exeter isn’t so sure.

Then, Edward busts in, captures Henry again, and makes plans to march on Warwick.

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