Richard III Act 4

Scene 1 All the important ladies of the play assemble before the Tower to go and meet the young Princes. Unfortunately, the guard denies them access by order of the King...uh, he means Richard...the Lord Protector...definitely not King...nope. Queen Elizabeth protest because they are her sons. The Duchess of York protests because she is their … Continue reading Richard III Act 4

Richard III Act 3

Scene 1 Richard, Buckingham, Catesby, and Cardinal Bourchier escort Prince Edward into London. At first, the Prince is perturbed that more of his uncles - specifically on his mother's side - aren't there to greet him. He is a King now after all. Richard explains that Edward shouldn't worry about them because they're sneaky and … Continue reading Richard III Act 3

Richard III Act 2

Scene 1 King Edward rejoices in his ability to reconcile all the feuding parties. He makes Hastings and Rivers hug, promising that they are being earnest. He doesn't forget the Queen he makes her hug Hastings too and Dorset. Then he moves to Buckingham, who also agrees to forgive and forget though more long-winded than … Continue reading Richard III Act 2

Richard III Act 1

I have been looking forward to reading this since Henry VI Part 2. I saw the movie with Ian McKellen in college and loved it, but I'm really looking forward to reading it outside of the classroom setting. Richard is such a compelling character. Here we have a lead who is also the villain. Last … Continue reading Richard III Act 1

Henry VI Part 3 Act V

Thus brings us to the end of Henry... Scene 1 Warwick confirms with a messenger that his allies, Oxford, Montague, and Somerset are close. His son, Somerville, enters and explains that Clarence is only two hours away. Warwick rejoices that he can hear the drums. The only problem is the drums do not come from … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act V

Henry VI Part 3 Act IV

The fallout... Scene 1 Richard, George (Clarence), Somerset, and Montague discuss Edward's choice for a bride. Clarence thinks it is a mistake that Edward did not honor his commitment to the French. He decides to tell Edward exactly what he thinks. The King enters with Lady Grey, Lord Hastings, Pembroke, and Stafford. Edward asks for … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act IV

Henry VI Part 3 Act III

The battle is one and Edward sits on the throne, and yet it is only Act III... What events will unfold that further complicate this endless War? Scene 1 Two hunters prepare to stalk a herd of deer when they see a man coming. This man is the deposed King Henry. He talks to himself … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act III

Henry VI Part 3 Act II

I'm sure brutally killing Richard of York will have no represcussions for King Henry or the Queen... Scene 1 Edward and Richard are wondering how their father fared in the battle, assuring themselves that he is alive because of how proudly and bravely York walked toward Clifford (they pretty clearly did not see the rest … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3 Act II

Henry VI Part 3: Act 1

Moving is hard and time has it been five months since my last post! Anyway, let's see what shenanigans Henry VI gets himself into this time. Then, I can put these plays behind me - for a while at least. Scene 1 The scene opens with York, his allies - Norfolk, Montague, and Warwick, … Continue reading Henry VI Part 3: Act 1