Starting Again…My Year of Shakespeare

Something interesting started happening recently. I started getting more views on my Facebook page and more follows on twitter. This is certainly not because I was posting new content. I don’t even want to talk about how long it had been since I posted even a single tweet. This makes me think that there is a real interest in this topic and growing need for discussion. It gave me the ambition to try again.

However, I also felt this new pressure to make it good, to present myself as some sort of expert. I am not a Shakespeare expert, or an education expert. I am a media graduate who has an interest in both Shakespeare and children’s educational media. I suddenly felt my own inadequacies as a scholar.

So, I have decided to dedicate this year to studying Shakespeare. I plan to read through each play, scene by scene, with the goal of gaining a more complete understanding of Shakespeare’s works. I want to walk away from each play with the best understanding possible. As I work through the plays, I will also read the many books I have collected on Shakespeare, his works, and British history at the time, so I have a fuller picture of historical context.

By the start of next school year, I want to be able to really dive into the best methods for teaching Shakespeare to kids.

If you want to read through the plays with me, keep me posted on your progress with #CompleteWorksChallenge. Let’s make this a thing!

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