Well Rounded Education

So, I was working on updating my resume today (yeah…that’s right, job searching!) and I decided I should include some relevant coursework on my resume. Of course, I don’t actually remember every class I’ve ever taken (education *fist pump*), so I had to go searching on my student page. It took a minute because my school has a cracked out new system. BUT, finally after logging in about three times, I found my courses by term and started typing my list.

Anyway, I started to realize that I had a well-rounded education! I took a lot of courses across all sorts of subject matter. I was pretty proud of myself, I’m not gonna lie. I had Media classes, of course, but I also had courses in English, Management, Film, Speech Disorders, History, Child Development, French, Statistics, Philosophy, Theater, Communication and Economics! Talk about a lot knowledge. After thinking about all of this I decided two things:

One, my former school, Ohio University succeeded in giving me the education they set out to give me (go figure)

Two, I have kept all those notebooks and I want to make a series of binders of all my notes. I want to type them up and holed punch those readings and have binders by year. That way, I can easily refer back to the knowledge that’s tucked away somewhere in my mind palace (Sherlock references!). Yeah, I’m gonna be one of those nerds, and it’s going to be epically awesome 😀

I think more students should strive for this type of education. I think from first grade we should say “Hey students! I know you don’t like (insert subject here), but by learning all this material you are becoming an epic level human being with all this knowledge!” Now I also think we should avoid teaching the Civil War every year for about 8 years, BUT the principle is there.

This idea, this future outcome, should be used as motivation for students. Not tests, or grades, or any of that, but for the day when you will be a more knowledgable human being and can use those smarts in any and all facets of life. I think it could be successful motivation. After all, these were courses I selected.

What do you think? Was your school successful at giving you a well-rounded education? How do you think we could motivate students to strive to study many subjects?

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