New Job

Hey guys! Guess what? Grad school takes all of your free time and throws it into a black hole, never to be seen or experienced again. When writing 10-20 page papers, suddenly writing anything else becomes significantly more difficult. Sigh. ANYWAY, good news. Grad school is over (cue angel chorus). Now I can focus on the research I really want to be doing. Shakespeare.

I never would’ve thought that grad school would make it more difficult to complete my research and program development. I made some steps forward on formatting a television proposal, but the serious reading I wanted to get through had to be put on hold. There are so many books I wanted to get through, but couldn’t find the time. Fortunately, I have the opportunity for some serious research this summer.

I find myself in a new internship (hopefully a stepping stone to a job) near Washington D.C. Do you know what else is in D.C.? THE FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you couldn’t tell, this revelation made me rather excited. I’m hoping to visit this weekend and take oodles of pictures for those few people still reading my ramblings.  I am preparing to apply for reading room privileges. Fingers crossed I get it, but I can at least enjoy some exciting events at the Library. 

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  1. Congratulations! I was in DC just last week, giving a presentation at the Folger’s Conference on Teaching Shakespeare in the Elementary Classroom, where I met amazing people including the organizers of the Shakespeare Steps Out program, many of the kids, and even some other amazing people who have found internship posts at the Folger. They are an incredible group of passionate Shakespeare lovers and advocates, and you’ll be sure to find some like minds there!

    1. Thank you! I just saw some posts on that conference. Hopefully someday I’ll get to go 🙂

    1. Congrats on getting your masters! It does allow for a very unique education experience because what you do (the assignments and such) are open-ended a lot, so you can make the class tailor to your wants and needs 🙂

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