The Truth Resists Simplicity

I realize I have been absent from my blog for about four months now. All I can say for that is Grad School has been great, but keeps me very very busy. Have no fear though, I have been learning a lot about both children’s media and Shakespeare. Anyway, I wanted to return to blogging over break and responding to the events that transpired in Connecticut seemed like as good as a time as anything.

I am not here to pretend that there is one solution to everything that happened. I am not here to offer up an explanation for what happened because I can’t no one can. Anyone who tells you any differently is living in blissful denial. There is no explanation because, to quote one of my favorite authors and Internet celebrities, John Green, “The truth resists simplicity.”

It is so easy to think that better gun control, or better schools, or better health care could have stopped what transpired last week. But the truth is no one thing could have prevented it. We can never know why it happened or how it cold have been stopped. Maybe it couldn’t have been stopped. The important thing now is to focus on the kids and families affected by this horrible tragedy.

They need words of stability and encouragement surrounding them, not blame and cynicism. There can be no healing without kind words. That is why anger is not the last stage of grief.

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