Random Thoughts on Research

As I sit in my graduate classes learning about different research surveys, I try to think about my proposed thesis and what sort of research methodology I may employ for my thesis. I think I should definitely consider doing some in-depth surveys, but the question is how should I do it…

I thought of some in-depth interviews with current professionals in the field of educating children on Shakespeare. The benefits of this would be that I would know some of the current best practices and then speculate on how they could be applied to a multimedia project.

Then I thought maybe I could survey some soon-to- be teachers on their interest in using such a project. Not sure how I would exactly include this in the paper I have in mind, but it could be great for an audience research class.

Finally, it hit me. I have so many wonderful professional connections right here at school. They can tell me how to proceed! I wonder if any other students have had this epiphany 😉

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