Multitasking World

More and more today, families are becoming multitaskers. I read an article in one of my classes about how it seems as though success is determined by how busy we are. As children get more and more activities added to their schedules, how can we keep them from being overwhelmed? I think I have a few ideas that can apply to everyone, but I think the younger we teach this, the better off everyone will be.


1) Recognize when you’re overworked. For kids, it may be the responsibility of the parents to determine this. There are some definite signs to look for. Typically agitation and a near-constant stressful state is the best indicator. If your child becomes unmotivated to do anything, they may be losing interest or it is their mind trying to take a break from something.


2) Establish that it is okay to quit an activity. A lot of time parents can pressure kids to stick with something and not give up at the first discomfort. Avoid making your kids feel this way. It will allow them the freedom to determine whether they really enjoy something, and the opportunity to discover what they really have a passion for.


3) Teach how to manage time. Parents will be instrumental at doing this, at first. However, the children should be engaged in the process. This skill can follow them throughout life. They can manage their time so they can take breaks and be able to focus on activities that truly interest them.


These are my thoughts. What about everyone else?

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