Talking Toddler

I apologize for not posting for such a long time. I simply got tied up with beginning of the quarter schoolwork. Now I am on track and ready to be a more dedicated blogger.


I spent the weekend with my family and had the chance to spend some quality time with my cousin’s two-year-old. I took her outside to swing while her parents tried to finish their dinner. When I got her out on the swing, I wanted to keep her stimulated. Fortunately, she just got into Sesame Street, so we had some common ground. I wanted to resist talking down to her, so I started asking her questions. They were mostly about Sesame Street characters and colors. I asked her if the Easter Bunny came and if her mommy, who’s pregnant, is going to have a brother or a sister.


Once we got beyond those topics, I struggled to find something more to talk with her about. We commented on some squirrels, but there really wasn’t much. I didn’t know that much about her day to day activities. It got me thinking, how can we talk to toddlers, when we don’t know much about them? How can we find their interests and help them learn to talk about them? Do they get tired of questions? How can we tap into our inner toddler?


What do you think about this? What experiences have you had trying to hold a conversation with a toddler?

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